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HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating - SegmentsHVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating - Segments
HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating - Pump PartsHVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating - Pump Parts
HVOF Carbide Coating of RollsHVOF Carbide Coating
of Rolls
Carbide Metallizing of Wire Drawing BlocksMetallizing
of Wire Drawing Blocks
Carbide Metalizing of Piston Rods CarbideCarbide Metallizing
of Piston Rods

Metalizing Specialists, LLC provides Metallizing, Thermal Coating, & HVOF Spraying Services

Metalizing Specialists is an industry leading provider of high quality metallizing services. We are fully committed to satisfying the needs of our customers in a timely, economical manner, and provide value-based solutions engineered to meet your application-specific requirements.

In conjunction with our metallizing services, we offer additional capabilities, including ID/OD surface grinding, welding and machining services.

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