At Metalizing Specialists, LLC, our shop is set up to efficiently manage projects that involve individual work pieces, and a significant amount of the work we do is on jobs that require the repair or restoration of worn components or mechanical assemblies. Our ability to apply a range of coatings to a variety of substrates using several different spray technologies allows us to extend the service life of parts that would otherwise be very expensive and time-consuming to replace.

We thermal spray metallized the piston rod shown here for a client in the refinery industry. This project represents the type of work you would find in our shop any given day of the week. Having an oversized blasting booth, spray area, and large-scale grinding equipment allowed us to process the long, heavy work pieces, which measured as much as 20′ in length. Proper preparation of the substrate included a grit blasting process to clean then roughen the surface in order to allow the sprayed on carbide coating to form a tight mechanical bond.

We applied the carbide coating to form a layer measuring from 0.010″ to 0.020″ in thickness, and then ground the work pieces to improve the surface finish and achieve the precise geometry called for in the customer specification. Surface finish test and inspection validated that the material finish was within the 2-32 Ra range. Turnaround time for this project was one week.

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Carbide Metallizing of Piston Rods Project Highlights

Product Description

Vertical Shaft & Horizontal Manifold & Piston Rod

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Thermal Spray Metallizing

Blasting / Grinding

Overall Part Dimensions

Overall Lengths: 1″ – 20′

Metallizing Material (Coating Material)

Carbide Coat

Coating Thickness

Carbide: 0.010 – 0.020 thick

Material Finish

2 Ra – 32 Ra

Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Surface Finish Testing

Delivery/Turnaround Time

1 Week

Delivery Location

Joliet, IL

Standards Met

Customer Specification