At Metalizing Specialists, LLC, our HVOF spray metallizing technology allows us to surface coat metal on a variety of substrates. Used for multiple industries, this process propels molten particles of metal at high velocity in order to efficiently bond to surfaces. Our success as a provider of this dynamic service lies not just in the quality and precision of our metallizing processes, but in our ability to accommodate all of the volume and lead time needs of our customers. From a single part coated and delivered in one week to contract production spanning many months, our facility and systems are geared to meet virtually any need.

In this project, steel manufacturer based in Pittsburgh, PA needed a bridal roll shaft body metallized. Used to remove the oxide scale after hot rolled steel production, this item is subject to extreme conditions throughout its service life and required a very carbide metallized coating. We applied a thermal spray coat of carbide to the roll shaft body, which measured 110″ in overall length and was composed of nodular iron.

The areas that would receive the HVOF carbide coat were shot blasted to prepare them for coating; this produced a surface that would greatly enhance the durability of coating. Using our state-of-the-art thermal spray equipment, we applied an HVOF coating. Based on our surface finish testing, we achieved a thickness range between .012 – .014 of carbide.

Our customer was extremely pleased with the results. We provided a cost effective way to surface finish the part on schedule and according to their specifications. Committed to performing the highest quality thermal spray metallizing in the industry, we’ve been asked by this customer to take part in several coating projects in the near future. To learn more about our work with thermal spray metallizing, please contact us for more information or refer to the table below.

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Carbide Metallizing of Rolls Project Highlights

Project Name

Bridal Roll

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Thermal Spray Metallizing
Secondary: Shot Blasting
Grinding to OEM Spec

Overall Part Dimensions

Diameter: 0.50″ – 60″
Overall Length: 120″

Metallizing Material (Coating Material)

Carbide Coat

Coating Thickness

Carbide: .012 – .014

Industry for Use

Equipment Manufacturing, Steel Mills, Paper Rolls

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Surface Finish Testing

Delivery Location

Pittsburgh, PA

Standards Met

Customer Specification